[FARC_List] 10 meter contest this weekend.

ai2n at twcny.rr.com ai2n at twcny.rr.com
Wed Dec 7 09:02:55 CST 2011

Hi all.

10 meters has really been jumping the last few months.  Get on the bandwagon!

This weekend's contest is SSB, CW or both; your choice.  There will be LOTS of activity; working all states or 100 countries in a weekend is very doable.  The band will be FILLED with signals, probably all the way up to 29 MHz.  Just say "59(9) New York" (November Yankee).  DX will return with a serial number or ITU zone.

Info here:  http://www.arrl.org/10-meter

Pre-contest write-up:  http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Contest-Operating-Guides/2011/2011-10M-Pre-Contest-Writeup-V1.pdf

73, Redd - AI2N

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