[FARC_list] Storm

Judy LaMay jlamay at twcny.rr.com
Tue Oct 30 13:59:35 UTC 2012

Hello Everyone

I just wanted to thank everyone for their assistance this past couple days.
Thankfully, (I think) we dodged the bullet. Just a few minor damage around
here. I have heard nothing as far as any real damage in the area. We do have
some power outages across the county, and Sandy Creek had a structure fire
during the evening hours last night. What a time to have to fight a fire. 

Terry will be sending out a report of what the EMO did during the storm,
both in prep and actual storm.

John sent out a graph on the storm with wind speed, barometric pressure and
temps. Very interesting.


Again I thank you for being there and I am very pleased we are in the shape
we are in. Also, keep those in the affected areas where damage is immense in
your prayers.  Please keep monitoring your radios, we still have the
continued high winds and rain predicted.  I will send out any reports or
requests as soon as I receive them.





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