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Here is the update I promised you this morning. As you can see we were in
good hands and you guys were there to help out also. Thank you so much.




From: Bennett, Terry [mailto:terryb at oswegocounty.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 3:20 PM

 Oswego County SANDY Situation Update 3:15 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012


Hello, everyone,


EMO has just participated in a National Grid conference call, in which the
company indicated they are focusing their power restoration efforts on the
Volney and Pulaski service centers in Oswego County. They expect compete
restoration by later tonight for Oswego County, and by tomorrow morning for
all of the Central New York area.


Here are some other updates from Oswego County Emergency
Management/Emergency Operations Center:

*	As of this afternoon, scattered outages remain across Oswego County
following Storm Sandy. National Grid's outage central site shows tentative
restoration times of up to 11 p.m. tonight. The number of customers without
power has been steadily dropping throughout the day and at 3:15 p.m. showed
less than 700 customers.
*	Overnight Monday, Oswego County EOC was partially set up and staffed
by EMO. Staff responded to calls for information; there were no requests for
*	At 8:30 a.m. 911 center dispatch reported scattered outages and
trees down overnight throughout the county, mostly between 6 p.m. and
midnight. At that time only County Route 37 was closed, and one trailer in
Pennellville had been destroyed by a tree. The Red Cross assisted the
*	The Fire Coordinator reported a lot of trees and wires down
overnight and fire departments were busy in the late evening. Fire crews
responded to a house fire in Sandy Pond in the Town of Sandy Creek, for
which the cause was not storm-related, and successfully fought it during
high winds. The Fire Coordinator's Office and National Grid worked together
this afternoon on where line crews were needed for restoration.
*	SKYWARN weather spotters were on standby overnight, but a net was
not needed. Our watchers recorded wind gusts of nearly 60 mph in Scriba
during the late evening.
*	National Weather Service-Buffalo reports the storm front has moved
on and Oswego County is not expecting weather issues over the next few days.
There are no weather advisories issued for Oswego County at this point.
*	The county chairman of the legislature did not declare a state of
emergency, although one was ready for his signature if the situation
*	Nuclear power plant emergency sirens status: overnight 9 sirens were
out of service for an hour or more (at different times). As of 8 a.m. 4
sirens were still out; by 3 p.m. that had been reduced to 2 sirens. The
backup alerting method, HyperReach (reverse telephone notification) was
ready to be activated for areas surrounding a siren out of service.
*	Nine Mile Point and FitzPatrick nuclear power plants put their storm
emergency plans in place over the weekend. Power outages in the area
impacted Nine Mile's plants and FitzPatrick's admin building. None of the
plants entered into their emergency plan, although NM2 had a reportable
condition to the NRC (startup of emergency diesel generators). NM1
automatically shut down when winds knocked out a lightning pole in a
National Grid switchyard nearby.
*	On Monday afternoon SUNY Oswego announced cancellation of classes
for Tuesday. As of this morning, classes were to resume at noon.
*	The EMO acting director responded to several requests for
information by news media both Monday and Tuesday. No news releases were
*	Prior to the storm's arrival Monday night, EMO monitored the storm
closely and participated in NWS-Buffalo and NYS OEM conference calls. EMO
sent out 3 updates to county emergency response officials and 1 to
municipalities. We received a few calls from members of the public with
electric-powered medical devices (such as oxygen) asking what to do if their
electricity went out; we suggested they contact their provider to see what
they suggest regarding alternate power supplies (batteries, portable oxygen
tanks etc.) and register on National Grid's website.
*	Assemblyman Barclay's, Senator Ritchie's, and Congressman Owens'
offices have checked in to see how Oswego County fared.

I'm hoping this will be our last update, as the brunt of the storm missed us
and stayed downstate. Please let me know if you have any questions or


Terry Bennett

Acting Director/Emergency Services Program Coordinator

Oswego County Emergency Management Office

315/591-9150 <tel:315%2F591-9150>  office

315/317-3287 <tel:315%2F317-3287>  cell

terryb at oswegocounty.com


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