[FARC_list] Meteor explosion in Chelyabinsk, Russia

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Tue Feb 19 03:37:08 UTC 2013

Here is a first-person report from a Russian ham.  Wow.  73, Redd

"Yes we're ALL fine! 
I  was at my office with window jalousie closed. The windows are looking North. 
The meteor exploded  about 20km South of Chelyabinsk and 50 km high. So the 
explosion couldn't 
be seen from my windows. Nevertheless it was like this - it started getting 
brighter and brighter in my office 
for  about 1,5 second then it got very bright for maybe ,5 second, so 
bright that I almost got blind for a moment and then 
the light quickly disappeard. I was asking myself what could that be and 
thought of a nuclear explosion and waited for two minutes 
if anything else would follow, but nothing happened. But in one more minute 
this horroble very long and loud crashing sound came! 
The whole building was quaking with this sound and I clearly felt that the 
sound and the force came from the above. We all were 
ordered to leave the building and when we came out we saw this two line 
trace turning into one line trace with junction point just 
above our heads and little bit to the South. This cloud was very big and it 
seemed in very close proximity even though it turned out 
to be over 50 km away. I looked around and found out that lots and lots of 
windows were broken. The ambulances started coming in 
and I saw many people were injured and bleeding some couldn't walk by 
themselves. It was a very frustrating expirience and many 
people  are still under shock. Even I go over and over those moments and 
don't feel normal, still kind of excited or something. 
I don't know what frightened me more the spectacular light, or the hit 
wave, or those bleeding people. All this happened on Friday 
morning  at the plant I work for. The plant loss is estimated at 85 000 000 
R which is en equivl. of 1.5 month salory of our 1900 
employees. The plant lost about 25000 sq.m of windows, over 50 doors, lots 
of equipment (measuring, PCs and so on). 
This was the day I will remember till my last day.  My family is OK. My 
house (42 km South of Chelyabinsk) lost its windows and that was 
the only damage to my family. By the way, this explosion woke up my 81 year 
old mother with its spectacular light. She lives in Troitsk 
136 km South of Chelyabinsk. The hit wave came 6+ minutes later and was 
very strong as mother said. 
That's how it was. I now feel like I trust in God more and more... 
73's & GL, Willy UA9BA"

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