[FARC_list] New Website

Benjamin Townsend ben.ak2x at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 20:23:29 UTC 2013

The new club website is up and running. Most of the new features are
working well.

Looking for content from members, anyone who has photos from previous club
events, please email them to me directly. Also would like to be able to add
more links to the web links section, if you have any appropriate links, you
can email them to me, or sign up/login to the site and use the add content
-> web links in the user menu and you can add them yourself.

If you had created an account on the old website you will need to re-create
an account on this system.

Some of the "members only" features haven't been finished yet, but will be
coming soon. Going to adding the club library, equipment for loan, and a
section for classified ads from club members.

take a look: http://www.fultonamateurradioclub.org/

If you have any suggestions or find any problems with the site please let
me know.

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