[FARC_list] Field day food requests

Judy LaMay jlamay at twcny.rr.com
Mon Jun 20 13:41:49 UTC 2016

Good Morning Everyone,

Here is the list of paper products, condiments and food that I have on my


Judy                            Macaroni Salad, coffee, meatballs, sausage
onions and peppers

Lynn                            Chili, potato salad

Derek                          cookies/brownies

Larry                           Dips and chips

Dave G.                       Condiments (mustard, catsup, relish, )

Fred                             Pretzels and candy


Henry                          trash bags (I got them and thank you, Henry)

Anita and Steve          Plates, cups, napkins

Rudy                           Bowls and plastic utensils



I will get ice, hot dogs and hamburgers, rolls (English muffins, sausage and
eggs for the breakfast group) and put out a can for donations.

Any questions, email me.


Have a great day,


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