[FARC_list] Field Day Plan

Mike Regan mregan1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 19:48:29 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone & Dale

Tonight meeting will take be mostly about Field Day...

I have Redd's list of items we are going to need and overall plan form
years past.

So this will be a check off process and collecting items which members are
willing to bring.....

First thanks to Paul Lear and the whole Fort Ontario staff, I personally
believe this location will provide us a great event site.  Plus I can see a
partnership between the Amateur groups and Fort Ontario.

The Food is being taken care of By Judy and Lynn, Ladies my hat is off to
you both for taking on this major part.....Thanks   Also thanks to Tim and
the Boy Scout Troop for allowing us to use their Cooking and tent again....
Tim I hope we can get the boys down at the Fort, would like to get a photo
with them and us..

Equipment is mostly done thanks to RACES, Dale, and Fred, for the use of
the trailer, now on to  just the small parts and pieces we need which
tonights meeting will take care of...

So I have tried to explain my plan, and give a mental picture to many of
you, however I guess I have not done a great job at it.  So with that in
mind I took my computer skills and make a MOCK picture to so you all
understand the I have vission...  I am sending the image for all to see in
this email....

Again I am looking forward to a great weekend and a great Field Day.....

See you all tonight.

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