[FARC_list] Field Day

Mike Regan mregan1 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 22:46:30 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

Well 2016 is in the book.....  I would like to thank everyone for their
support, time, and dedication to this event.  I would like to specially
thank Dale, and the EMO staff for their support of this event, including
the use of the RACES trailer which made equipment issues much easier to set
up.  I would like to thank Tim and his family for the use of the Boy Scout
trailer, for the cooking and the dining tent.  I could go on and thank each
person for their support and what they brought to the event.

Later this week I will have a report on contacts and overall points.  Plus
I have a few recommendations for next year.

 The comments today by many were this was an happy and enjoyed event.  We
had a few politicians stop by, many public visitors, plus handed out a few
flyers for the up coming tech class.  If we gain one member or get one more
person to take the tech course, I would consider this a successful event on
many levels.

Again many thanks to everyone, have a safe and enjoyable summer.  Remember
the club picnic is August 21, Judy will be sending out more information

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