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This came in this afternoon and I am forwarding it for your information.

Fred, KA2HPG

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From: 	Craig Stevenson <seawayceis at yahoo.com>
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We will be volunteering on Sunday, April 23, from 6 -9pm.There are many 
jobs hams can do. We need everything from phone answering to camera 
operator. All info and place you can sign up for a specific job at 
CANAMARA.org <http://CANAMARA.org>.
  Thank you again!

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> Hi Craig,
> I just received your e-mail message.  I will ask the questions so we 
> can save time and get the message out.  What are the hams going to do, 
> where are they going to do it and how are they going to do whatever it 
> is they are going to do?  I know you are going to think I am busting 
> on you but NO I am not.  The guys down this way will be asking those 
> questions before they even think of signing up.  Thank you and as soon 
> as I hear from you I'll get this out to the local area.
> 73,
> Fred KA2HPG
> On 4/3/2017 2:17 PM, Craig Stevenson wrote:
>> Hi Fred,
>>      I hope all is well! I am contacting you because we are looking 
>> for help from your club or ARES/ RACES group. We are looking for 
>> volunteers to help work the All Star Auction. As you may know WPBS is 
>> a huge supporter of Amateur Radio in NNY. We would like to show our 
>> support by helping them out and get some "HAM" exposure at the same 
>> time. We are not going as any one organization but just as hams 
>> helping out. You may where a shirt with your groups name an logo if 
>> you'd like. Please have people sign up if they are interested at 
>> canamara.org <http://canamara.org/>. We will take hams and there 
>> family members that would like to help. Thank you for your help in 
>> passing this along. Have a Great Spring Day!
>>                   Craig W2DTI
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