[FARC_List] Mailing List Settings Change

Benjamin Townsend benjaminarthurt at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 13:32:52 CDT 2012

Hello Everyone,
As my previous message (originally intended for Redd only) demonstrated there was a slight oddity in the setup of the mailing list. When someone would reply to a message to the list it would reply to the ENTIRE list. This has generated a bit of extra un-needed messages being delivered. I have changed this setting so that now your reply's will go directly to the SENDER of the message. If for some reason you feel that your reply should go to the entire list you can still CC the list in by adding list at fultonamateurradioclub.org. If any one has and questions or suggestions, please feel free to reply to me directly.
Ben - AK2X
FARC Webmaster
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