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I plan on doing this bike ride at 104a and Demass road like last year but 
wont know about work till Friday night.Pencil me in .The big boss rides in 
this event so maybe he can help me out .
73 Mark kc2jni

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Hi All.

The Tri-Oswego Triathlon will be held on Saturday, June 16, 2012.  It will 
feature two competition levels; a 765 meter swim/15.44 mi bike/5K run and a 
1600 meter swim/24.55 mi bike/10K run.

As was the case last year, we will not be needed for the swim or running 
legs of the race.  We will cover only the bike portion.  The route is very 
similar to the Tour de Loop bike race that we’ve so often covered, though 
slightly different than last year’s Tri-O course.

As usual, we’ll meet in Vona’s parking lot at 0745 to allow folks with 
distant assignments travel time.  The swimmers start at 0830; the first 
biker will be off not long after that.  The race director expects we’ll be 
done by 1130.

There will be a celebration at Breitbeck Park following the race, including 
free food and drink.  We are cordially invited.  If it’s HALF as good as 
last year, it’ll be great.

Please e-mail me -promptly- if you’re able to help out, INCLUDING YOUR SHIRT 
SIZE.  The Race Director would like to know ASAP how many hams we have. 

Here are the remaining events requesting support in 2012:

Oswego YMCA:
Harborfest Run - July 28
Tour de Loop - August 18
Dragon Boat Race - September 8
Reindeer Run - December 8

Fulton YMCA (Henry is coordinator):
Loop around the Lake - August 25
Century Marathon - October 7

73, Redd - AI2N

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