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Does anyone have a roster/schedule of operators & scribes??


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Hello all,

Just to let you know, we can get a few tables from the EAA and chairs also
if needed. So Pam, you don't need to lug them from your home, the cadets can
bring them up to the site.

Fred, I am doing mac salad and Baked beans. I will also try to do a desert.
Brownies as they are Brien's favorite, just in case he is around.

We will be in and out and help where we can.  The idea of the restaurant is
a good one. If you need me to, I will get the meats/cold cuts and
rolls/breads. Just let me know.  What about drink? A lot do water, but I can
bring a cooler of lemonade, if you want.

For information only, I am inviting a reporter for the Pal Times to visit.
He is a gong ho type who will do us proud. I am putting out emails to the
radio and tv stations for their bulletin boards today.

I cannot think of anything else that will  be needed at this time.

Has anyone seen any of the articles published so far? Pete, I know you get
the Valley News, did you see anything?




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Hi all - 


I have 2 tables (6' foot each) and will pick up a case of bottled water.  I
can drop them off Saturday morning (unless you need them earlier).  


I will also be available to operate/log when needed that weekend - just let
me know. 





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Hello to All;

The following outline will give you a general idea of our plans for the

FRIDAY - 22 June at 10:30 AM, we will be putting our antennas up so they can
be checked and we are sure we are getting the best possible performance out
of them.  You  are welcome and your help will be appreciated.  To get in, go
in the main entrance road to the airport, go to gate #3 on your left.  Call
on 146.52 simplex and
someone will come and let you in.

SATURDAY - 23 June at 12:00 Noon, we will meet and prepare for operations.
For food, we will have Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and lunch meat for
sandwiches.  Also on tap are a macaroni salad, potatoe salad that we know
of.  If you come and would like to bring a dish to pass it will be welcome.
We also need to borrow the use of a grill and folding table, chairs as in
lawn chairs, soome coolers, ice and drinks( water, soda and ice tea would be
great.  When you let us know what you are bringing, please hit the REPLY ALL
button so everyone is on the same page.  You may want to bring your favorite
headphones or pen, whatever you need to operate with.

You will likely want any medicines you need and you certainly will want
insect repellant.

If the CAP gate is open, you may use that.  If for some reason it is not, go
in the main entrance road to the airport to gate #3 on your left.  Call us
on 146.52 Simplex or phone 559-4387 and we will come and let you in.

We look forward to seeing you and having you operate with us.  ANY


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