[FARC_List] Field day FOOD!

KA2HPG KA2HPG at verizon.net
Thu Jun 21 13:49:41 CDT 2012

Hello Everyone,
We have a macaroni salad, potatoe salad, pizza, as of this time.  WE 
NEED:  if you would bring a dish to pass it would be great.  We also 
need a gas grill with which to prepare the hamburgers and hot dogs ( Not 
at all tasty if not cooked).  We could use some drinks, we have lemonade 
and ice water.  Dinner or Supper, which eve you want to call it will be 
between 5:00PM iand 6:00PM on Saturday evening/ all are invited/. Any 
Questions About Food, PLEASE contact either Judy LaMay or myself.


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