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Hi Fred; I tried to send this announcement about the WAGL Radio Event 
for this Weekend in Oswego, to Sarah and Ben, perhaps they did not 
receive it, would you mind distributing it to all members in the Club, 
etc? I am still in Philly on business. Thanks, Dave

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Date: Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 8:00 PM
Subject: Great Lakes Special Event Station is this Weekend in Oswego
To: sarahingerson at yahoo.com <mailto:sarahingerson at yahoo.com>

*Sarah: I can't seem to get the full distribution list of all FARC 
members, can you please send this email out for me as a mass mailing - 
appreciate it!*
*Dave K3AS*
*To: All Members and Friends of the Fulton Amateur Radio Club:*
*From: Dave Granoff, K3AS, FARC President*

*Dear Members;*

We Will have the UNIQUE opportunity to Welcome a group of 4 Amateur 
Radio Operators from Michigan who are travelling to Oswego this weekend 
for the* 'Great Lakes Radio Event'* which will take place on board the 
Famous LT-5 Tug boat in Oswego - *this Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 
5,6, and 7. *

Led by Ted K8AQM, the team will host the world-wide *'Worked All Great 
Lakes'* *Special Station Event* by setting up 3 stations at the 
location.They plan on working mainly HF, with CW and SSB to make 1K+ 
contacts with operators from all over the world seeking the WAGL (Worked 
All Great Lakes) Award. Their mission is to make contacts from aboard 
Great Lakes Historic Vessels throughout the Great Lakes, and the LT-5 is 
on tap for this weekend.

Please come down to meet them, and help to operate their station this 
weekend. The Stations will be operating 24 hours a day beginning Friday 
afternoon until Sunday late morning, and they welcome our operator 

*If you Make a contact with them, you will receive a Certificate stating 
you worked the "WAGL" Event.*

According to Ted, K8AQM, " We'll have two stations going continuously 
(maybe three if we have the ops) and those stations will both (3) have 
amps (2 SB-200 and 1 KPA-500) on 110 vac (we could do 220 but doubt it's 
available) so we need at least two (3 would be better) circuits and 
we'll be bringing some heavy duty extension cords."

"We have a trailer with a two element 20m yagi, a 2 element wire 40m 
yagi antenna and a 2 element wire 17m yagi antenna.  Rigs will be a K3, 
TS-590, TS-570 and a spare K2/100 so we do come prepared!"

"We have gotten a lot of press and requests for this "Worked All Great
Lakes" portion of the Museum Ships Operating event and I expect we'll
collect over 1200 calls form around the world."

>   "Again, thank you for this opportunity, Ted K8AQM Ships Amateur Radio

*Dave, K3AS, will be acting as the "Liason" representing W2CXV, the 
Fulton Amateur Radio Club, and will coordinate the Event with the Marine 
Museum, and the General Public, and can be reached by text and cell at 
1-315-887-0610 <tel:1-315-887-0610>*

We Hope to see you Stop by the Event, and it is as Cool as Amateur Radio 
Gets !!
*It will be held at the H. Lee White Marine Museum dock on West First 
St, Oswego. See the marine museum website at www.HLWMM.org 
<http://www.HLWMM.org> for directions and description of the LT-5 tug 
boat. *
*From Route 481, come into Oswego, turn left at Bridge St (rte 104) go 
across the bridge, and turn right on West First St & go towards the Harbor.*
*See you there!*

*Dave, K3AS, President - Fulton Amateur Radio Club, W2CXV*

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