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Fri Nov 6 14:24:51 UTC 2015

*Please be advised that the following information on a DOD exercise this 
weekend.  Our contact KD2DVC/ MIKE REGAN/ is also or contact with the 
Army MARS network.

Mike will be running a net on the 147.150 repeater from 1400hrs (2pm) 
until 1700hrs ( 5pm) to collect information to be forwarded up the chain 
of command.  the information is to be current and accurate.  DO NOT make 
up disaster information.
Thank you, hope to hear you on the air.

During the period 1200Z Nov. 7 ~ 2359Z Nov. 10, there will be a nationwide
communications exercise involving DOD, MARS, and other government agencies.
A component of this exercise is communication with amateur radio operators
to obtain county status information.

In an actual event ARES/RACES, not MARS, will be the primary volunteer
emergency communications organization at the local and county level. During
this exercise, MARS operators, using their Amateur call signs, will contact
hams to get certain county status information. Information must be passed by
radio-only means, not by email, phone, Echolink, etc.

Unfortunately there are not many MARS stations in most areas of NNY.
Therefore making contacts/gathering information  in NNY counties is not
simply a matter of getting on the local 2M repeater or simplex frequency. If
you do not know of a MARS operator you can easily contact, you should make
an effort to find out the nearest MARS operator and make arrangements to
make contact directly or by radio relay.

The October 1 ARRL Letter provides an overview of this MARS-ARES/RACES
exercise collaboration and also an email address you can use to provide
contact information. See

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