[FARC_list] Questions on Events

Mike Regan mregan1 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 17:56:56 UTC 2016

Hello Everyone,

I had a few questions about the events I would like to run this year and
next year. So to clear up the questions and start some talking here is the

The first event is Lighthouse weekend this year on Aug 20th and 21st.  I
would like to hold it at Fort Ontario either inside the Fort behind the
Quartermaster building, or near the Southwest point close to the location
of the Lighthouse marker.


We have time to pick the location, however I would like to start planning
this event now.  This way we can plan equipment, antenna, supplies, power,
and ect.  Plus I can get us on the international website and QRZ.com.

Now Redd said he would like to step down as the chairman for the Field Day
event.  I would like to throw my name as chairman with Redd’s blessing and
guideless.  Again, we need to pick a location. There is always Scriba, and
Scriba provides a great location, yet we are limited on public access.  So
with that being said, I would like to propose the Fort again.  The Fort
offers that which we have missed out on, public access.

I would like to see what others say about this?

Now NEXT year’s Lighthouse Weekend:  Like I already said, we have been
given verbal approval to use the Lighthouse on the break wall.  This is
going to take planning and a lot of logistics to make happen.   I believe
if we all work to achieve this goal I think we can show what amateur radio
really is all about.


Mike - KD2DVC
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