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Mike Regan mregan1 at gmail.com
Wed May 18 18:30:24 UTC 2016

I tried this yesterday lets see if it goes today.......

Hello my fellow Ham’s, I have some good news to share with you all.

First off, I heard from Fred KA2HPG and we are authorized to use the RACES
trailers, so the equipment issue is now taken care of.   Thanks Fred and

Next I have been working the elected officials and we are on the docket for
a proclamation from both the county and city of Oswego for the week of
20-26 of June declaring it Amateur Radio Week.  On June 9th at 7:00pm will
be the Oswego County night, and June 13th at 7:00pm will be the City of
Oswego night.  I will need members of the club plus RACES to show up both
nights to stand with me for the reading of the proclamation and for a
photo. The more we have the better the image we can project to the public
about our hobby and service to the community.

I am waiting for the other elected officials to respond back to me with
their support.  I guess more phone calls and emails.

During my meeting today with the Mayor, he stated he will be showing up and
would like to even get on the air.  Maybe a new ham down the road.

Judy and Lynn are the food committee, thanks ladies, anyone wishing to
assist please bring ideas to the meeting on the 25th.

We are on the ARRL location map.

We will be setting up in the South East corner of the Fort where the public
can see us either driving by or walking into the fort.  However this is
Oswego, and I am just stating facts.  If we have bad weather the old road
access near the lookout parking area will be our backup site.  It’s firm
and we will not tear up any grass.

Items that are still pending:

1)      Tim- Large tent from the Boy scouts

2)      Pubic tent – I have a 10x10 we can use. Unless someone else has a
better idea.

3)      Scheduling of operators - ???  Will talk during the May meeting

4)      Operating bands – HF and UHF/VHF; Voice and Digital,

5)      Set up and tear down crews – I have a few people on the list, the
more the hands the easier the work.

6)      Once the press release is done, contacting the Papers, WEB-sites,
TV and radio stations to get a story done.

Field day item:

1)      I know of right now 5 elected officials coming to the event.  I
would like permission to buy either hats or pin’s to present to them.  Hats
are $12.95 & Pins are $6.00.  What do people think??

2)      Display Poster to have placed around the city and county to get the
word out. I have the PDF, if someone wants to print one out and place it
somewhere just let me know.  I also can buy 25 of them for $5.95

3)      Also for all members to share and post information in all social
media locations spreading the word.  Again, the more we push this event
among our friends the better chance we will have more people stopping by.

If anyone has any other suggestions or comments either replay to this email
for all to see or bring them to the meeting on the 25th.


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