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See below.  73, Redd - AI2N

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I have received several requests from 60 meter operators that we contact 
the FCC regarding the proposed changes to the 60m operating frequencies 
that will be considered soon.  We would like to see changes to make the 
band be like all others and it is important that our voices be heard. 
We need all the support we can muster up and are asking for your 
I have included a link to the FCC website where you can enter your 
comments.  I have also included mine.  You can copy and paste mine, or 
submit your own. 
My comments: 
I am not aware of any complaints on interference on 60m. For this 
reason, I would like to see the VFO operation across the entire segment 
and eliminate the five channels to make it equal in bandwidth to that 
used by the Europeans.  The EU seems to be the trendsetter these days 
and we should be keeping up with them. 
I also request that the power limit be increased to 500 watts. A higher 
power limit would be more effective communications for health and 
welfare, particularly to the Caribbean.  For the next 11 years, the 
solar activity is predicted to be at an all-time low which makes more 
power more important than ever, especially if needed during a disaster. 
In order to conduct reliable communications in the time of a disaster, 
better antenna systems will also be needed. Therefore, I also ask that 
antenna restrictions be lifted. 
Electronic Filing of Comments for RM-11785 ends March 20, so please do 
this ASAP.  The link below takes you to the FCC page where your comments 
can be electronically submitted.  It is important that this be done 
right away. 
Please forward this to all of your ham friends.  It is not necessary 
that they operate on the 60 meter band.  
As always, we are stronger in numbers. Please do this right away as 
March 20, is the deadline to submit comments. 
Thanks in advance for your help.   Joe Pater W8GEX 

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