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Mike Regan mregan1 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 01:36:35 UTC 2018

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know Omar Davis KD2DYI, has been dealing with health issue
for some time.   Last week he drove himself to Oswego Hospital ER, I was
contacted by him Sunday when he told me he had CHF and they were giving him
some blood.   Today, this afternoon he sent me a message stating the
following: "Hey Mike, Gall Blabber is shot, liver is shutting down. 2-6
weeks is what they say.   Please pass this to dpb And hpg.  Will continue
to keep u updated.  73 my friend."  After getting this I shot over to see

Omar is in Oswego ICU room number 5, they allowed me to see him tonight, we
had a good talk for an hour and haft, he is is good spirits and wants to go

Everyone knows Omar, and he was more worried about who was going to take
care of the net for Monday and Tuesday,  So I have covered his Pathfinder
net tonight and will do tomorrow night, going to need help later in the
month, but we can work that out.

I know you all are shock and wondering what can be done, I'm sad to say not
much.   However offer up our prayers and support for our friend.   Once I
learn more I will share with you all, and on the pathfinder net..

My email if you don't have it is: mregan1 at gmail.com or kd2dvc at gmail.com...

Good night for now....
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