[FARC_list] Special Event Station K2J - 75th Anniversary of Holocaust Refugee Arrival in America

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Fri Aug 2 13:06:43 UTC 2019

The Fulton Amateur Radio Club will activate K2J to commemorate the
August 5, 1944 arrival of the nearly 1,000 European refugees of the
Holocaust at Fort Ontario in Oswego, NY. The Fort Ontario Emergency
Refugee Shelter was the only shelter for victims of the Holocaust
located in the United States during World War II. Fort Ontario was
where the Holocaust came to America, and where the American public and
press first encountered victims of Nazi persecution and their personal
stories of survival, resulting in stories of the Holocaust moving from
the back to the front pages of newspapers across the country. 

The station will be on the air from Fort Ontario on August 5, 2019
from 1600-2000Z (noon-4 pm local). Primary frequencies will be 14250 &
7200 KHz SSB. A Certificate will be available for $2 via KD2DVC 

Guest operators are welcome to join us.

73, Redd - AI2N

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